Welcome To ClearTracks!!

Thanks for trying ClearTracks! ClearTracks is designed to generate the most money possible for artists and rightsowners. We do this by automating the business of music in the most efficient way possible while still giving you complete control over how your music is used and how much it's worth.

Cleartracks is a very powerful platform. However, the music business is complicated. We aim to simplify and automate as much as possible. The are many tools and capabilities in the platform which you may not need right away. Here we will provide some links to help you get started

Setting up your profile

Linking your profile to your social networks
Creating your first song

Uploading your media file
Releasing your song

Licensing your song to others

Clearing the rights to other works

If you are unsure about a field, tooltips will usually provide information when you hover over the field. There are many other more advanced topics and questions answered in the FAQ. We encourage you to check for answers there.

If you are stuck or having problems, you can create a support ticket at through the 'tickets' link at the top of this page portal. Here you can also submit feedback and feature requests. We read every comment and you will be able to keep track of all requests.

Thanks again for joining ClearTracks.

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